Monday, September 19, 2011

Everything is beautiful at the ballet...

Two words DANCE MOMS. This is a reality show following the Abby Lee dance company (little girls) as they compete around the country. Its like a train its like a plane crash that causes a train wreck while a puppies and kittens are crossing the tracks! So in other words its delightfully entertaining.
Now I know this is reality tv but I like to suspend my disbelief just for an hour here and there so I can sit back and enjoy. Each show starts with the owner of the company (Abby Lee Miller) bringing the company together and putting the girls head shots in a pyramid. She then goes through one by one explaining why they are either on the bottom or top, while berating their mothers in the process. They then break off to work on choreography while the moms go off and get botox, do lunches, and bitch about the way this woman treats their children (which by the way they pay for). They then go to competition where they will tackle harsh dance subjects like child abduction, child abuse, childhood suicide, and drag queens. In their down time these girls like to study with the pros that Abby brings in for them, the last one being a topless show girl (how appropriate), go on dates with their dance partners (both of these kids are 10 years old), or watch their moms cat fight about costumes or choreography or who's daughter Abby loves more (its Maddie by the way). Finally we come to the awards section of the show when the girls are taught to graciously roll their eyes if they are given anything less then first place. Then its on to the next competition!
So if yo are looking for some wholesome family tv I definitely recommend dance moms! This wed night there is a put on your sequins people its SHOWTIME!

*Title Quote: A chorus line

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