Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some women are dripping with diamonds, some women are dripping with pearls, look at me, lucky me, look at what Im drippin with...little girls.”

We are adding a little girl to our family! Apparently if you see three lines in the crotchal area of an ultrasound that's what it means! And there they were...3 lines! I was so excited I just giggled, the husband smiled, and Bug waited for the tech to change the channel on the screen to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So now we just wait for the Ladybug to arrive!
In other news headshots went well for Bug and I yesterday...well at least for Bug. He looked adorable as always...I on the other hand was a hot mess. My hair was frizzy, my face was a disaster and I look fat (which I can deal with since I am with child). I'm hoping I can submit my old headshots to be put in the database.
While waiting at the photo studio we were witness to a stage mom freak out which made the afternoon a bit more interesting. There was a 2 year old little girl there with her family who had just finished her pictures. Mom had put her hair into two little pigtails that looked like big pom poms on the top of her head. Apparently the agency she works with needed the picture for something that day. When the photographer pulled up the pictures on the computer mom freaked because one pigtail was not as rounded as the other.  The photographer was able to round it out a little for her but she was ready to do the whole shoot over! Finally the photographer was able to convince her that they would not be paying that much attention to her hairstyle and she was freaking out over a very small thing. Mom let it go but left in a huff over the puff.

Title quote-Mrs.Hannigan: Annie

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